About Ron

Ron "Thunderwood" Underwood got his start in Hollywood as the frontman of industrial rock band Opiate for the Masses, where he collaborated and co-wrote early on with Grammy award winners, multi-platinum producers, and a crazy range of artists from members of Nine Inch Nails all the way to the Temptations. After writing and recording a top 40 hit, he eventually crossed over to film by scoring a feature length movie.

Although he had been involved in plenty of soundtracks (most notably the SAW franchise), he says, "There was nothing quite like scoring that first film, where I was physically matching sound with motion picture. I knew right then that I had to become a director."

Since that realization, he has been making animations, shooting promos, and directing music videos every chance he gets. Whether he's on tour with his new band 9ELECTRIC or at home in Hollywood, it's safe to say he is working on music and film around the clock.

Recent Work

Director, Camera, Editor
9ELECTRIC - Goodbye

  • Director, Camera, Editor
    Exmortus - Foe Hammer
  • Director, Camera, Editor
    Grimace - Rise to Die
  • Camera, Editor
    Vattica - Love/Crazy
  • Steadicam
    Grimace - Awake the Demons


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